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2022 Updated Translations For Immigration Documents As Per USCIS Document Requirements

Posted by URWAH AHMED | Aug 18, 2022 | 0 Comments

Travelling to a new country is quite a challenging task. From the initial planning to getting a visa, managing the travel costs, and moving to a completely new culture, the journey has several factors that make it seem way too hard.

But when you get started, there's always a determination to push through to the finish. So, you put in all your efforts into making sure that you've got everything right. With consistent efforts you appear to meet all USCIS document requirements and you're officially on your way to the immigration and citizenship. But wait… something's wrong. One of the documents you'd submitted to the USCIS wasn't in English, and your application was rejected.

That's something you don't want to hear once you've fulfilled all other requirements for a green card application. But it's a fact that when you submit your documents to the USCIS for citizenship, DACA, marriage green card, or any other form or immigration, you need to ensure that they're in the English language. Otherwise, you need to have a certified translation attached. This way, the authorities reviewing your documents can easily verify the factual nature of said documents.

Types Of Immigration Documents

 For different types of immigration, the document requirements would vary. These can commonly include any of the following:

• Birth Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Medical Records
• Criminal Records
• Divorce Decrees 

However, based on your circumstances, these can also include other documents such as bank statements, passports, and educational documents. To sum it up: If it's required by the USCIS and it's not in English, you will need a certified translation document.  

Certified Translations

The USCIS requires that any translations for immigration documents that you submit with your application be supported with a certification that the translation is correct. So, when you hear the term “certified translation”, it may seem like you need an official certification from an affiliated translation agency.

But, while a “certified” translation might sound complicated, it's actually quite simple. For most cases, the rule is that the person who translates must be fluent in both languages and that they provide a signed document to certifies the same. However, you should know that for certain countries, the US Embassies there have assigned designated agencies who can translate legal documents for USCIS. Translated documents from others may not be accepted for such regions.

Translation Certification Sample

Anyone who offers you translations for immigration documents would also need to provide a certificate of their ability to translate. Basically, the certificate must include the following things:

• A statement that declares the translator has fluency in English as well as the other language, and that they've accurately translated the required document(/s).
• The translator's full name, address, and signature.
• The date of translation.

A sample for such a certification may look something like the following USCIS translation certification template:

*Certificate Sample Here*

Translating Immigration Documents By Yourself 

One question that may pop up in your mind might be if the USCIS document requirements allow you translate without anyone's help. Some translation agencies may fool you into thinking otherwise, but technically you can indeed do that. Otherwise, you can also ask a friend or family member to get the job done for you. 

The USCIS may not object to that if they deem that the translations for the immigration documents you submit are indeed accurate. However, you should keep in mind that this can be risky. They might contact the translator for concerns related to the translated documents. This is generally known as an RFE (Requests for Evidence). So, both you and the translator (if someone else) should be prepared to provide requested information to the authorities.

Issues Translating By Yourself

Now, as mentioned earlier, technically you can translate your own documents if you're qualified. But again, this isn't the safest way to fulfill the requirements for green card applications, citizenship, or immigration. The one big problem that may arise due to this could be that your application may be delayed if:

• The immigration officer decides not to review your document.
• You or your translator aren't able to provide the right information for the above mentioned RFEs.

Additionally, you should also understand that online language translators (like Google Translate or Bing Translator) aren't too accurate when it comes to translating official documents. They're more catered towards casual use. Hence, it's not recommended that you rely on such tools if you plan to translate documents by yourself.

Benefits Of Professional Services 

The above mentioned are just some of the reasons why hiring a professional translator would generally offer better translations for immigration documents. Another advantage of paying an experienced firm for the job is that they would have a record of translating documents for immigration applicants in the past. 

So, when you submit a document that's verified by them, there may be a higher probability of avoiding delays due to faulty translations or interrogations. Plus, if the immigration officers do have concerns regarding your translated document, the translating agency could handle those on your behalf. 

Hence, you get to avail a smoother transition into immigration that's way more convenient for you. To add more, experienced translators can get the job done quicker, so you also save time if you require urgent documentation.

Where To Get Translations From

Now you know the things that you need to consider for document translations, and why translated documents matter. However, you still need to know where to get the job done from. You can do it yourself but there would be risks. 

So, you consider hiring an agency who can translate legal documents for USCIS on your behalf. But there are several companies out there that specialize in translating documents for immigrants.

So, it would be time-consuming for you to go around searching for the one you feel would be the best fit for your needs. 

But fortunately, you're at the right place (possibly) at the right time. At CH Legal Solutions, we offer consultancy for all types of immigration and citizenship requirements. Naturally, we're not a translation company that solely offers translations for immigration documents. But as an experienced immigration consultancy, we have connections with various service providers related to the industry. So, you can easily get in touch with us to get your immigration documents sorted, and avail guidance about your application's guidance with the help of an experienced immigration attorney. 

Why CH Legal Solutions For Immigration Translations 

You can still go for a sole translation company to offer you usable translations for your immigration documents. The results of most should be good enough. However, there's a reason why you should consider an all-in-all immigration consultancy over translation companies. 

That is – We help you with everything related to immigration.

Whether it's the gathering pre-requisites, filing for a DACA renewal, or meeting the requirements for green card applications, the CH Legal Solutions team guides you through it all. When you work with sole translators, they may charge you more the job. Whereas, when you avail comprehensive consultation services, we're able to offer you these services at comparatively lower rates. 

So, when you work with us, you get the best of both worlds. So, what are waiting for? Contact CH Legal Solutions today to book your consultation, and subscribe to our newsletter for more valuable information about immigration and citizenship.

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